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The volume identification format is Volume #(Issue): pages.
ie. Volume 18(1): 22-23. would be Volume 18, Issue 1, Pages 22-23

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Search Guidelines

     The Central Vermont Ambassador Table of Contents (TOC) allows you to find anything that has been published in the Ambassador from Volume 1, Number 1 to date. It employs the easy-to-use find function (Edit-Find or Control-F) in your browser (FireFox and IE at least) to find the information you want.

     The TOC is organized by Ambassador issue from the most recent at the top to the first issue at the bottom. Each issue has a Volume, representing the year, and a number, representing the issue within a year. For example, Volume 16(4):, Volume 16(3):, Volume 16(2):, Volume 16(1):.Volume 1(1):.

     Each issue has a front cover on page 1. The organization of the information for this page is as follows: Volume 17(3): 1. Photo: Loco LVR 3608 (ex-CV 3608), St. Johnsbury VT, Jan. 5, 1989. Alan Irwin. This allows the user to search for a locomotive number, a town, a date or a photographer. The back cover is organized in the same way. The photo photographer's name is shown only for cover photographs.

     Page three of each issue usually has a feature called "View From The Head End" written by the Ambassador Editor. The TOC lists news items contained in this section that may be of interest to members at a distance in time after they have occurred. For example: Volume 17(3): 3. View from the head end. John Gaworecki. White River Junction roundhouse fire; Autoracks in Bellows Falls on NECR;

     Subsequent pages of each issue contain articles which are listed by title and author followed by content of photos, model photos, maps, plans, timetables, and stock certificates. In addition to the issue volume and number, each photo contains information on subject, place and date where the photo was taken; model photos show subject and date; maps give the subject and date; plans give subject and date; timetables identify the issuing railroad, place and date where given, stock certificates identify the issuing railroad and date.

     You can search for photos of CV equipment by locomotive (Loco) using Locomotive number (e.g. 3608), number series (3600s), loco model (RS-11 for diesel locomotives) or wheel arrangement (2-8-0 for steam locomotives), location and date of photograph. Similarly, freight cars are listed by car type, car number and car series (Milk car, 551, 500s). Passenger cars also are listed by car type, number and car series (Coach, 361, 360s).

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